Prominence of Kitchen Treasures in Malabar

Malabar or Kerala is a state in southern part of India lying between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. It is popularly known for its tourist spots, greeneries, food and spices. As the life streams through frantic activities, we find it so challenging to make it work life. Especially ladies find it really strenuous to manage at both home and office. Making something new every day is expected in every house hold. As it is popularly quoted “Variety is the spice of life”, experiencing new flavours within our home and land is something we all crave for. Kerala is bountiful with its traditional cuisines and Kitchen Treasures make it all frankly true with its diverse products ranging from spices to ready-to-cooks.shutterstock_156294152

Kitchen Treasures is from the house of Synthite, the world’s largest producer of value added spices. Synthite has a 42-year long and successful history in producing spices, natural flavours, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings. Kitchen Treasures was started in 1972. Now it holds a more than 30% share in global Oleoresin market.

Kitchen Treasures solely focuses on the authenticity, purity and quality of their product. Furthermore, Kitchen Treasures have ten thousand acres of farms to ensure the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; meticulous manufacturing process to global standard quality control. Kitchen Treasures ensure that y
ou get what you pay for that is a pure, wholesome, high-quality ingredients.
Our goal is to produce high-quality ingredients that taste like they were prepared in your mom’s kitchen. 


Kitchen Treasures gives you a world of 100% with products that are



Clean and


Every product manufactured by Kitchen Treasures is backed by a legacy of knowledge and technology that goes back forty years. It’s a legacy that has been recognized by the Spices Board of India every year, since 1976. In addition to the rich heritage you get to enjoy pesticide-free ingredients from Kitchen Treasures, FarmTech : our in-house expertise in sourcing raw material from recognized grower networks. This ensures traceability of raw materials, and a transparent journey from source to shelf.

Now let us think about our mothers, they would say “Always clean the ingredients before cooking”. As the slogan goes, all raw materials are cleansed at multiple points during our rigorous manufacturing process. Due to our stringent quality control norms, Kitchen Treasures has been certified by the HACCP and the BRC for our commitment to global standards of quality. Thus, millions of customers are assured that Kitchen Treasures is the brand to trust upon.


As per a Malabar native spicy food is something that he/she keeps closely to her heart. Today most of the malayalees are not settled here and miss out the spices in their life. For them, Kitchen Treasures play a prominent role in giving them what they miss out through their different products ranging from premium masalas, spices, pastes and pickles

To fuel up the spices of your life Kitchen Treasures is the most apt option.