Kitchen proficiency during the holy month

Yes, the month of Ramadan is here!! The holy month of Ramadan is symbolized as a month for forgiveness and blessings. An individual preparing for Ramadan, should walk with the end goal of paradise in their minds. This is the time of the year, every member in a Muslim family gather together to pray, eat and exchange gifts. So, let your soul and kitchen in your homes speak volumes about the serene month of Ramadan amidst the hush hush and the chaos preparation for the rituals and feast that follow the phase of fasting in the path of salvation.

Extending from different traditional recipes to modern versions there is a lot of Ramadan delicacies that we have no idea about and most of us aim to make something innovative this season. Don’t worry, Kitchen Treasures ensures every Muslim home maker, a majestic Ramadan with their lip smacking recipes. Kitchen Treasures was born from the house of Synthite – the world’s largest producer of value-added spices, with a history of over four decades in the production of spices, flavours, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings. Our mission is 100% quality, purity and authenticity.




Having a healthy lifestyle is an important aspect in the fasting days. Foods and dishes that are well balanced and contain a lot of proteins and vitamins are preferred during the holy month. However we, Kitchen Treasures offers a great deal of tasty and nutritious Iftar recipes. The most beloved Iftar choices among the Malayali’s are the Malabar Irachi Pathiri, Muttamala, Arikadukka, Pola, unnakaya and many more.. Kitchen Treasure’s with its wide range of products like masalas, pickles, paste, ready-to-cooks, and breakfast specials gives your food a special tang and savour. Celebrated recipes by Kitchen Treasures are the Malabar Fish Biriyani, the notably famous Kuttanaddu chicken fry, Valluvanadan crab curry, Malabari Chicken Roast, Banana cutlet, Unnakaya, and many more. All these recipes have an innovative factor to it.




Western culture and their recipes have influenced tremendously on us Indians and vice-versa. There is a huge difference in the style of cooking between the Indians and westerns. Among the Middle Eastern crowd, there is a very popular Ramadani dessert that is only served during the holy month of Ramadan in the Middle East! There is something wonderful about dishes that are only served during holidays or special times! And once you try the Atayef – it is said, that you will fall in love with it. On the side to these delicious dishes in Ramadan, intake of fruits and plenty of water is a must. Dates are a common Ramadan fruit, one that was eaten by the Prophet Muhammad.The centuries old tradition of eating the dates to break the fast in the evening has a nutritional benefit too.


Make this holy month, a month of self-exploration and discovery with the real taste. Heal your soul with your much-loved dishes from Kitchen Treasures. Kitchen Treasures wishes every one of you  Ramadan Kareem. Follow us for more Ramadan special recipes. Adore life. Adore Smart Cooking with Kitchen Treasures.