Tackling the sulky spell of Karkidakam

Karkidakam to a Keralite is the prominent month that marks the end of the year and next most the prosperous Chingam. The mighty monsoon comes in full swing this month and the season is celebrated for its intense rejuvenation routines. This is the time when people all over the world come to God’s own Country – Kerala to revive and rejuvenate themselves. Kitchen Treasures, gives you glimpses of the practices followed by Keralites during the Karkidaka season.

It’s time for a magnificent healing strategy to make part your routine and explore your spiritual, physical and mental wellness. The month is known as the Ramayana masam, the holy month of prayer and healthy practices. Rejuvenation therapies are best during this season, when the cool temperatures render the body amenable to oily massages and herbal potions. Digestive capacity is reduced during the monsoons; it is therefore advisable to moderate your diet during the monsoons. Care should be taken to see that only boiled water and suitably cooked food items with necessary warmth are consumed. A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by Ayurveda practitioners and doctors.



Karkidaka Kanji is a must of the season since it consists of boiled cereals and medicinal plants. The gruel is made of Njavara Rice which is one of the best rice,good for health consisting of 12 to 24 types of herbs and medicinal plants. Eating these medicinal Kanjis like Karkidaka Kanji, Uluva Kanji, Jeeraga Kanji and many others can give a complete resistance for your body from epidemics as well as helps to restore the body’s vitality and health. Kitchen Treasures give each of you the well trusted recipes that you can follow to make this season the best with the best ingredients from us. Like Karkidaka kanji, Uluva Kanji, Papaya Green Gram Thoran, Jeeraka Kanji and many more.


In karkidakam, due to the rapid climatic change and downpour there can be rise in a lot of rashes and infections. Karkidaka therapies can not only neutralize these, but also avoid health problems that spring from the modern way of life and faulty eating habits.

These tips for a healthy lifestyle is sure to ward off monsoon illness this season. Be in your best healthy version this karkidakam !