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All may have heard the saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a scrounger” by well-known American author Adelle Davis. This ancient proverb has more than a bit of truth in it, but sadly, most people leading today’s eventful lives skip breakfast altogether. This is really bad news as supremely you should be getting 25 percent of your day’s calories from breakfast, enough to keep you going right through till lunchtime, both physically and mentally.

Now the big question is are you a breakfast eater or a breakfast skipper? If you have been skipping breakfast to lose weight, you may be doing your body more harm than good. Some studies have shown that avoiding breakfast is associated with the prevalence of obesity. Breakfast eaters tend to have normal body weight than breakfast skippers.




Breakfast skippers are more likely to overeat later in the day due to hunger pangs and this can lead to overweight. On the other hand, breakfast eaters tend to have normal body weight because they are less likely to overeat and their calorie intake is more evenly distributed throughout the day.

Parents play a major role in the development of healthful food choices and consumption, as well as provision of nutritious foods to their children. Having parents who eat breakfast in the morning increases the likelihood of eating breakfast among children. Children who eat breakfast are more likely to have this healthful habit endure into adulthood.




It is important to include a variety of foods in the breakfast to provide all the nutrients needed for your body. Remember to include: Carbohydrates: It provides energy for your body and brain. Choose dishes and breakfast items like Idli, Dosa, Puttu, Apaam, Upma and Poha as they provide more fibre and nutrients, as well as makes you feel full faster. Proteins: It helps to build and repair your body and helps you stay focussed. Include milk, low fat cheese, chicken, low fat yoghurt, egg or a handful of unsalted nuts in your breakfast to get the protein that you need.

In short, think of breakfast as the morning fuel to jump-start your morning and energise your day. Kitchen Treasures gives out lip smacking varieties of Breakfast products to make your days feel enthusiastic. To know more about the tasty breakfast recipes follow us on our Facebook page.