Offbeat Recipes – Exploring Newer Ways

ARE YOU A FOODIE? ARE YOU ADVENTUROUS? DON’T YOU LOVE TO EXPLORE? Ho….! Are these questions making you feel bad about yourself? The busy schedules and the ample of works in our shoulders and less time are making our brains and minds undernourished. Is taking a long day off or a vacation to Miami is your solution for “the question”. No… it is a big NO! Exploring and being adventurous can be through diverse areas. For instance cooking, cooking is an art. We can explore and improvise yourself with cooking. Making a dish which is tasty and delicious is possible by any of us but innovating a new idea and a tang to it is what we miss and that is creativity in cooking. Hmm… But don’t be pale about it, Kitchen Treasures makes you explore the newer ways of cooking through their wide range of products and offbeat recipes.


Western culture and their recipes have influenced tremendously on us Indians and vice-versa. There is a huge difference in the style of cooking between the Indians and westerns. Spicy food is dear to us but for them it is bad picture. However for a foodie, it is all explorations. In addition to this when we talk about spices we should also talk about the leading brand of value added spices in nation – Kitchen Treasures. Kitchen treasures from the house of Synthite, have a history of over four decades in the production of spices, flavors, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings. Kitchen Treasures aims to give every household high-quality ingredients that taste like they were prepared from our mother’s kitchen.


Celebrated recipes by Kitchen Treasures are the honey chicken, giving a flavor of honey with a twist to the chicken, the notably famous Kuttanaddu chicken fry, Valluvanadan crab curry, Pumpkin payasam, Banana cutlet, Greek stew, Alfredo chicken, coconut rasam and many more. All these recipes have an innovative factor to it.



Kitchen Treasure’s with its wide range of products like masalas, pickles, paste, ready-to-cooks, and breakfast specials gives you food a special tang and savor. The source materials used in every product are carefully handpicked by the manufactures to ensure the 100% quality and purity of the ingredients. They are grown by backward integration methods which safeguard the pesticide free factor. The source materials are manufactured using cutting-edge mechanized processes that protect their nutrients and flavor. Every stage of the manufacturing process is directed by stringent quality norms that are latest with global standards. The products are sealed in compact and sterile packages that safeguards their freshness and home-made flavors.


Therefore we can conclude it by saying Kitchen Treasures is one brand that is trusted throughout the nation with its unique idea, products and packaging. Adore life. Adore Smart Cooking with Kitchen Treasures.