Healthy Living for a Healthy Monsoon

All love to hang out, if it is raining then it is extra special. Drinking a tea or coffee in a rainy day whaah..! What a feeling it is. Enjoying the sound of rain and the coolness of the climate, wishing that the day would never end. We know most of them love to spend their days like this, but due to their busy working hours they are not getting enough time to spend in the heavenly down pour. But spending more time in rain is also not good for our health. Eating healthy and following a hygienic lifestyle is very important during the monsoon season. Kitchen Treasures here, gives you some tips and methods to lead a healthy and nutritious lifestyle during this monsoon.




Drinking a lot of water is a must during the rainy days. Most of them think that there is no need of drinking water during the monsoon, since it is always raining and we feel less thirsty. But it is a very stupid interpretation, one must at least drink 8 to 9 litres of water every day. Water has a really good properties in them to keep us hydrated and active all the day. It also helps to brighten our skin tone as well as to reduce the calories. Eating nutritional food during monsoon is an extra boost to our metabolism.


Most of them love to have junk foods and incorporate it in their diet most of the time. But do you have any idea about how much calories and unwanted things are entering to your body with these junk foods. Nowadays, people are prone to become obese, this is due to improper eating habits they nurture. Eating healthy home cooked meals is more appreciated than eating from outside cafés and restaurants. At Kitchen Treasures our mission is 100% quality, purity and authenticity. From our ten thousand acres of farms to our state-of- the-art manufacturing facility; from our meticulous manufacturing process to our global standard quality control, we ensure that you get what you pay for: pure, wholesome, high-quality ingredients.




Making rich nutritional foods from these 100% pure ingredients gives each of you mental as well as physical strength to face any glitches in their life. Including green Veggies and colourful fruits in one’s diet is a must during this season, as it gives energy to fight the foreign diseases that roam around us. Eating Vitamin C, A and E rich foods give your system boost to heal wounds really fast, to fight against infection, promotes healthy, flawless skin and protects the body from destructive free radicals that can damage your cells, organs and tissues.


Joining Health clubs and exercising are the healthiest possible way to discipline yourself and improve your health. There is no better inspiration to waking up at the crack of dawn and working out. Good exercise, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water are the 3 possible steps you can do in this season to keep you well hydrated and healthy. You can try out different healthy recipes from the #KitchenTreasures Facebook page and the website. Feel hale and hearty with Kitchen Treasures.