Cuisines of authenticity from Kitchen Treasures.

With the diversity of the population, festivals and increasing rate of food invention and innovations, we find ourselves in food and would love to indulge in all of them! And unconditionally, food is meant to be eaten and taste buds are meant to be spoilt with the best.

We indulge in a diversity of good food, some with surprizing punch of flavours and some with simple but impactful flavours. We are constantly trying to recreate our traditions with exciting distinctions, be it using steamed rice to mashed potatoes or ginger to galangal, mix and match has been the primary step of our culinary world.




Essentially we follow a traditional dish the way it is and not really hinder with the flavours,only to achieve the dish as mouth-watering and authentic as possible. We invariably follow the cooking method just to get it right. Budding flavours from these simple and electrifying dishes has been the foundation of our food culture. Every time we indulge in these yummy dishes we are taken back to our childhood memories where we go out, play and on returning home we smell the aroma of the delicious food lighting up the room and the joy to be indulging in the good old mama’s food.




Today, most of the things we buy are from stores. Here the main problem is that these food manufacturers are sometimes reluctant about informing consumers about the source from where the flavor is obtained and whether it has been produced with the incorporation of substances such as animal by-products glycerin, gelatin, and the like, and the use of alcohol in the flavors.

But Kitchen Treasures come from a group that has kept up their values for decades. Kitchen Treasures are loving the flavours and spices taken from the old cook books and real nature, bringing it right at your door-step, be it our chef’s Special, spices, breakfast specials, festival specials or any category you love, we bring you the real authentic and traditional flavors and recipes from India and all around the world.